Six-Oh! Where did six decades go?

Sixty years ago yesterday, August 19, my Mother gave birth to me, the youngest of the family and definitely the OOPS!  My sister is 14 years older and my brother 9 years older.  I was the annoying little sister that was very observant of the fun things my older sister had or did and taking notes on all of the rules my then teenage brother was breaking. I was the pest!

My sister had to endure countless strangers asking here ‘Is that your baby?’ at 14 years of age.  Mortifying, I’m sure!  My brother was just annoyed.  It’s bad enough having two sisters but being squeezed in the middle of an observant older sister and a ‘tattle-tale’ little sister, couldn’t have been easy.

Betty and baby Cathy 1953
Betty and baby Cathy 1953

Little did I know then that my siblings, who really seemed like second parents, would grow up to be my closest friends and supporters.

Smaha Family Portrait around 1956 to 1957
The Smaha Family about 1958
Cathy, Bill and Carolyn 2011

Their children were like the younger siblings I didn’t have, since I was an Aunt at age 7.  My niece and nephews (they were my pests–see the culprits below) had children closer to my children’s ages also giving our children a special bond and relationship.

Christmas 1968 Duane Sherri Jeff

I lived in Colorado and my siblings lived in Iowa most of our adult lives, but we always made time to visit, keeping the family ties solid.  I’ve tried to teach my children that family is so critically important.  They are there for you…always.

I am blessed. Thanking God for 60 wonderful years of life and looking forward to the future, seeing my children and grandchildren continue to grow and develop into loving, happy adults!

Happy Six-Oh to me!