Nicaragua: Jamaican Apples (aka Jamaican Otaheiti Apple) and Hiking from San Ramon

Jamaican Apples (aka Otaheiti Apple) remind me of a red pear with the core of an avocado and the texture of an apple.  Our hostess, Neyda, had a tree of them in her backyard and her helper, David, obliged our request to try one.  He scampered up the tree to fetch a few for us to try.  In Nicaragua, the fruits are eaten ripe, with or without the skin. It is sometimes eaten unripe with salt and vinegar or lime juice.

David Climbing for Jamaican Apple
Jamaican Apples
Jamaican Apple halved

Today we would also enjoy a day hike from San Ramon out into the country.  It was a beautiful day for a hike. Everyone walks, uphill, downhill, all around.  If you need to go far, you hop on a bus or hitch a ride.  If you need to market or buy something, you carry it.

Man Carrying a bunch of bananas

As we walked, we saw what appeared to be ordinary fences from local wood.  The fascinating thing is the wood/branches are cut and simply put in the grow and they grow into trees/hedges for the property.  (never would happen in Colorado!)

Grow a fence post!

After our hike, local craft fair, and two more wonderful meals with Neyda, we were off to a farewell concert and dancing in the park.  It was a wonderful week with many unforgettable, enriching moments.  Now it was time to return to reality but with memories that I will cherish.