Hammocks, Sunsets and Soup in Nicaragua

Returning from our picnic and hike, free time awaited and it was time to hit the hammock and soak in the amazing beauty of Finca Esperanza Verde (FEV).  Truly a slice of paradise.

Hammock time in Nicaragua

Every time I looked at the horizon from FEV’s dining area, it looked different.  It was a magical experience.  Again, this evening there was a wonderful sunset and shadows not to be missed.

Sunset at Finca Esperanza Verde
Good Night Nicaragua

A wonderful day, with wonderful people, in a wonderful place.  The air was cool and the vegetable soup for dinner hit the spot.  It reminded me that vegetable soup is a world staple, using local vegetables, spices and traditions.  Comfort food for the soul.

Vegetable Soup for dinner!

As the sun set, so did our eyelids, tired but satisfied with another wonderful day in the beauty of Nicaragua.  Tomorrow we would host local school children, on holiday, for a morning of music, art and fellowship.

Note:  The stories of Nicaragua continue for the next several Tuesday postings.  

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