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My baby girl is getting married tomorrow!

Tomorrow my baby, Sarah, will be married. Where did the 23.6666 years go? Wasn’t it yesterday she was saying ‘me do it’ and putting herself in time-out?  So fun to see our children grow up and become adults, but not so fun to look in the mirror and not recognize that person.

Sarah Bearah, age 2

The preparations are almost done as we are gearing up for the ceremony at a local rose garden, followed by the reception in my backyard.

The ceremony and reception will be Colorado Casual with live music, BBQ and backyard fun.  While the main course will be catered, we have been busy making the appetizers and cupcakes, clearing out the furniture on the first floor of my house to make room for tables and chairs.

We are PRAYING for no moisture, no high winds, and comfortable temperatures.  In Colorado, you never know what you’ll get.  We had a blizzard for older daughter Megan’s wedding to Christian last October, moving from the gorgeous outdoor venue to the ballroom.   Oh well, made for beautiful photos and many stories.

October 8, 2011 — uh oh, wedding indoors!

Hopefully, no snow (or rain, or hail, or tornadoes, of hurricanes, or wind bursts, or earthquakes) on July 28 in Centennial and Littleton, Colorado….but I ramble….

I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers for a beautiful wedding and reception for Sarah and Kyle on their special day… and many years of love, joy and laughter!

4 thoughts on “My baby girl is getting married tomorrow!

  1. Best wishes for a wonderful day!! Did you end up making a lot of the food yourself for the reception? We’ll look forward to hearing more about the special day.


    1. Thank you Holly. I’m just catching up after the hectic week. We catered the meal and bought desserts for the dessert table. The mother of the groom and I made the appetizers. It all worked and a good time was had by all. The weather cooperated by skirting the ceremony and reception site. We are blessed!


  2. i wish you all well, much happiness and wonderful weather! It is sad to see them grow up, but knowing they are happy kinda makes up for it.


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