The dogs of Nicaragua

Being a dog in Nicaragua can be a good and a bad thing.  Most of them run free, wandering the streets of the small towns or countryside without a care in the world. But many of them also are in need of vet care, food, and boundaries.

Coming from a long line of dog lovers, I HAD to take pictures of the many dogs that crossed my path.  I thought about a calendar highlighting a dog each month, but will settle to share these little darlin’s with you on my blog.

Just say AAAWWW and then scroll to the bottom for more information on how to help our canine friends!

Nicaraguan Farm Watch Dog…Watching what…I don’t know

Yes, Maam there are fleas in Nicaragua!

Beggar Dog outside Granada…quite the performer!

An afternoon out with the boy at the local gaming pavillion

While these dogs appear to have a wonderful, carefree life, many of these have health issues, suffer from malnutrition, and over-population. I chose to take photos of the healthier dogs, but we saw many dogs that were suffering.  For more information on how to help, visit the WorldVets website.




2 thoughts on “The dogs of Nicaragua

  1. We went to Cuba a few years ago. The same thing there, they ran loose, and were friendly. But again some had skin conditions It was sad that they didn’t get health care, Here if a dog was running loose they would call the dog pound.


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